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And let's admit it, your fantasy team is a mess...

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Why Play SevenCoals Hockey Pick'em?

It's Free

Make your picks for every NHL game and compete for a weekly prize, all completely free. What's the catch? We can't get enough hockey. We love having a reason to be invested in every single game and thought you should too.

It's Competitive

The games are weighted, but you don't know how much until they start. So how is it determined? A correct pick nets you a point for each person that picked the losing team to win. So the more people you outsmart, the more points you earn.

It's Rewarding

Let's ignore the fact that the Weekly Champion get's a $10 Amazon gift card, and focus on the feeling you get when you're in the 5% who picked an underdog to win. Okay fine, you can focus on the gift card.

An Introduction

So What is SevenCoals? It's a free NHL hockey pick'em game with a unique scoring system that rewards you for calling games that no one else could. You pick the winners and we reward you with points and prizes. A new champion is crowned every week so it's never too late to join.

We've learned that there is more to hockey than watching your home team play on a channel that you can barely find. Or staring in awe as your fantasy hockey team get's destroyed by injuries and goalie changes. With SevenCoals you can have a vested interest in every single NHL game. Our complicated scoring algorithm* will let you know if you're a hockey predicting savant or just another Average Joe picking wins that everyone else saw coming. Get started by signing up or signing in and start making some picks!

*Complicated scoring algorithm is actually very simple, read more about it in the How to Play section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hockey pick'em?
In a hockey pick'em you try to predict which team is going to win an NHL hockey game based on research, hockey smarts, a gut feeling, or good ol' reliable luck. Your picks are matched up against other players to see who does better.

I've seen that before. Can you make it better?
We already did! With SevenCoals Hockey Pick'em every game is worth a variable amount of points depending on how many people voted on a game and whether or not you are voting with the minority or the majority. If you correctly predict the winner of a game you get one point for each person that picked the losing team.

Sounds interesting, but I'm confused. Can you clarify that?
Absolutely. But try to keep up this time, or read the detailed list of rules further down. Let's say the Buffalo Sabres are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins. In total 100 people made picks for that game. And out of those 100 picks submitted, 80 users picked Pittsburgh as the winner while the other 20 people picked Buffalo.

Wait... stop right there. Do the people who picked Buffalo even watch hockey?
It's just an example. If Pittsburgh wins, anyone who picked them would get 20pts (because 20 people picked Buffalo) and everyone who picked Buffalo would get 0pts (because they were wrong). But if Buffalo wins the 20 people that picked them would get 80pts each (beacuse 80 people picked Pittsburgh) and the 80 people that picked Pittsburgh would get 0pts each (beacuse they were wrong).

Okay, so I should always vote for the underdog?
Not at all. Even though you don't lose any points for an incorrect pick, you don't gain any either. You'll have to decide if the reward of more points is worth the risk of getting none at all. Oh, and one more thing. You cannot see the spread of the votes until the game starts. So if everyone is trying to pick the underdog they could actually end up being worth less! Be sure to check back during games (once picks are locked) to see how many points your games are worth.

Okay, I think I'm getting it. But why do it at all?
A few reasons. First it gives you a vested interest in NHL games that you typically wouldn't be as interested in. Also, there's the fame and fortune. We declare a champion each week based on a running point total for that week (ending after Sunday's games). This will ensure that tens of people are aware of your brilliant hockey brain. We are also currently offering a weekly prize to the best of the best.

Detailed Rules


Users must be 18 years or older to receive a weekly prize. Because the current prize is an electronic gift card, winning users will be sent a verification email to ensure that we have their correct contact information and that we aren't sending their prizes to the wrong person. Prizes are subject to change but will be announced before the start of each week.

Dates and Deadlines:

Pick'em weeks start at midnight every Monday and end after the final game on Sunday. Games are counted for the day that they start on (using EST) not the day they end. Winners will be contacted within three days to verify their information. If you do not receive an email from us within three days and you believe you did win a prize, please contact us at We are most likely having trouble getting in touch with you and have the wrong email address. If we are not able to confirm your email address after 30 days you may no longer be eligible for that week's prize.

Playing the Game:

The goal of the pick'em is to end the week with as many points as possible. Points are earned by correctly picking the winning team of an NHL hockey game.

Incorrect picks will always earn zero points. If you pick a winner correctly you will receive 1 points for every user that picked the opposite team to win that game. Ex: If 10 people pick the away team to win and 5 people pick the home team to win, a win by the home team would award the 5 users who picked them 10pts each. A win by the away team would award the 10 users who picked them 5pts each.

Picks can be made and changed from the time the game is posted (typically Sunday morningof the previous week) until the scheduled start time of the game. Whichever team you have selected to win at the scheduled start time will be locked in as your pick. If a game is postponed we will typically erase that game and re-enter it on it's new date, meaning your pick for that game will also be erased. Just find the game on the new date and resubmit your pick.

Before a game starts you will only be able to see the total number of picks made for that game. You will not know how many points your are playing for until after the game starts and all picks are locked in. This is done to reduce users from using calculated odds to make their picks. Our points structure is created to reward you for picking upsets (being one of the few people to pick an underdog will earn you more points than picking a team that everyone else also picked to win). We want to avoid Vegas-style picks (calculating a team's odds vs. the expected return if they win). Remember losses are worth 0 points every time. We've found that this A) Rewards hockey knowledge rather than gambling-like risk and B) Makes for a more exciting experience when you check back during the games and find out exactly which games have the potential to make or break your day. With that all being said, feel free to pick underdogs for more points. There are many cases where the risk of picking an underdog is worth the reward if they win. We just want to avoid calculated risk.


Winners are selected by the number of points they have at the end of the week. If users are tied at the end of the week a tiebreaker will be used to determine final positioning.

  • Tiebreaker I: Most points for the week.
  • Tiebreaker II: Most correct picks made that week.
  • Tiebreaker III: Most points earned from a single pick that week.

Final standings on the leaderboards may not reflect the tiebreaker process. It will only be used if needed to determine who receives a prize and is done manually. Leaderboards order users only by points (for now). If you find yourself in a prize position make sure you check to see if you are tied in points with anyone above or below you. If you are you will receive an email explaining the tiebreaker rules and results. If users are tied after the tiebeakers are applied we will typically go back and use previous weekly results (and the same tiebreakers) to determine the winner.


If you notice an error in a game's information please notify us. If something is not correct we reserve the ability to make changes as necessary. If a game begins at 8:00pm and we have it listed at 7:00pm, we will likely just change the time and keep all of the picks that were already made. If a game is listed with an incorrect team we would likely just delete it altogether. We will do our best to make sure it affects as few users as possible. We also reserve the right to disqualify or ban users that we believe are playing the game incorrectly. This may be due to having multiple accounts, inappropriate behavior, etc.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Register
When you're ready to get started click on "Register" in the menu at the top of the page. If you've already created a profile, click "Login". To create an account enter your desired username and an email address. We do not share your email or other information with anyone. Be sure to check your inbox for an email from us after your account is completed. You do not have to verify your email address but if any prizes are won this is how we will contact you and confirm delivery information.

Step 2: Week View
Once your account is created it's time to make some picks! Go up to the navigation menu and look for the "My Picks" link. This will bring you to a new page showing each day of the current week. In the last column, green numbers mean you have made every pick for that day. Red numbers mean you have empty picks (and that's a bad thing). To make picks or view results for one of the days click on the button in the far left column to go to the day view.

Step 3: Day View
Here you'll see a list of all of the selected day's games. Click the logo of the team you think will win and choose "Submit Picks" at the bottom of the page. When you submit a pick the team you selected will have a blue background behind it's logo. Notice that you can also see game time and status on the left and the number of people who have voted on the game on the right. You can change your pick for a game anytime before the game starts. White text in the "status" column means voting is still open and your pick can be changed.

Step 4: Research and Adjust (optional)
If you are struggling with a game you have two options: go with your gut or hit the books. To help you out a little we also offer occasional tips and game previews. While we try our best to never recommend one team or another, we do like to give you some inside information that could help you make smarter picks. Even better is that these articles are often written by our friend Nic Kanaar who has a brilliant gift for witty, clever, and humorous writing. Whether you're undecided on a game, want to know what's what in the hockey world, or are just looking for a laugh, be sure to check out his articles often on our Blog page.

Step 5: Check Back After the Puck Drops
Back in the game View, yellow text in the "Game Status" means the game has already started and voting is closed. This also means that the pick has been locked. This is our favorite part of the night because you can see how many points your picks are worth. Everyone picked BUF over PIT looking for an upset? Sorry hun, no dinner with your parents tonight. I've got a game to watch! Once the game is completed the numbers will turn green (if you guessed correct) or red (if you were wrong).

Step 6: Size up the Competition
You can use the Standings page to track how well you are doing. The initial screen will show you the running totals for the current week. There will also be a tab to pull up last weeks results. And while SevenCoals is set up to be played week-by-week, you can also view your season totals here. And dont forget the User Stats page. Here you can see a lot of interesting stats about your picks (and other user's picks also). You'll be able to track how often you are correct, whether you tend to take risks or pick safe, and what kind of teams you gravitate to. If things just aren't working out this is a good place to see what you can change (or see what the winners are doing differently).

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